Little Hands

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Little Hands Breakfast Club and Afterschool Care,

Donaghpatrick N.S, Caherlistrane, Co.Galway.

089 213 8247.

Dear Parents

I would like to welcome you to our Breakfast Club/Afterschool Care!

We are open at 8am Monday to Friday. The children will be offered toast, cereal, milk and juice. Once the school bell rings, the children will proceed to their class.

Children who come in from 2pm-3pm will start their homework. This is fully supervised and will be fully completed. If children do not have a homework diary, we will sign their homework sheet to make you aware that the homework has been completed. Children will then receive a small snack, such as toast or fruit. If you would prefer your child not to have this snack, please let us know. After snack, children are free to play.

Children who come in at 3pm will be given their snack immediately. Snack varies from pasta, noodles, wraps, beans on toast, soup, toasties and filled pitta pockets. This snack will also be given to the 2 o’clock children that are staying for more than 1 hour. A 3-week menu is available for you to view at any stage. If you prefer your child not to have this snack, please let us know. Also, we would appreciate you letting us know if your child has any dislikes of the food we may serve. Homework will then begin, will be fully supervised and diaries or sheets signed. After homework is completed, children are free to play.

We recommend that you complete reading and spelling homework again at home so to keep up to date with your child’s progress.

We have use of the school gym and of the school grounds in the afternoon. Children will be fully supervised.

We close at 6pm Monday to Friday.

We offer free afterschool for anyone doing a FAS / VEC course (CETS), also the After-School Child Care Scheme (ASCC) which covers afterschool childcare places.

We thank you for your continued support. Our door is always open to you.

With Thanks

Helen Mannion

086 168 3410.