Active Flag

Active Flag

On Tuesday 18th June 2013, Donaghpatrick N.S. received its first Active Flag. Our Active Flag lasts for 3 years. In the 2015/2016 school year we hope to receive our second ASF. We were awarded the Active Flag due to our promotion of activities and healthy living in the school. We have active hours after school each week which consists of different games and activities for the different classes. 5th and 6th class have active hour on a Monday with Ms. Callanan and Celine. 3rd and 4th have active hour on Thursday with Mr. Craddock and Marie. 1st and 2nd have active hour on a Wednesday with Ms. Craddock and Helen.  Each year we hold an “Active Week” usually in April or May. Monday to Thursday the children get to experience a different sport/activity each day, in 2015 we had dancing, skipping and rugby. On Friday we have our sports day, the morning session is team races, the afternoon is station work and the evening is orienteering.  The children and staff really enjoy Active Week. For more Active school information, click on the Active School page.

Green Flag

Green Flag

Since 2004 Donaghpatrick National School has been part of An Taisce’s Green School Programme which promotes and encourages practical actions for schools to protect the environment.  The programme helps children to become a more active and environmentally responsible citizen through discovering the importance of protecting and improving our environment. While working on a particular flag it is always important to maintain and improve upon the hard work carried out in previous flags. Donaghpatrick National School has been awarded five Green Flags to date.

In 2006 we were awarded our first Green Flag concerning Litter and Waste. This flag promotes the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at the school and at home.

Our second flag Energy which was awarded to us in 2008 taught us the importance of reducing our energy usage at school and again in the home.

We were awarded our Water flag in 2010. This flag reminded us of the importance of water in our lives and the necessity to conserve water.

The promotion of sustainable travel to school was the theme for the fourth Green Flag-Travel which we were successfully awarded in 2012. We were very fortunate to receive a bicycle shed from An Taisce for all our hard work.

Biodiversity, which was the theme for the fifth flag, was awarded to us in 2014. Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on Earth. Over the past two years the children have been learning about the various species in our local environment, their habitats and the importance of conserving ecosystems.

We are currently continuing our Green School’s Programme under the theme
Global Citizenship Litter & Waste which is the title of the sixth Green flag. We are also revising all the flags we have achieved.
The quest continues ….