Internet Safety

Our B.O.M. has organized a talk to our parents based on internet safety. This will take place on Thursday, September 25th at 8 p.m. at the G.A.A. Community Hall. The talk will be given by Jeremy Pagden, Managing Director of Lurtel in Galway. All costs are being covered by our B.O.M. and therefore there is no fee for parents. An invitation has been extended by our B.O.M. to the parents of our other two schools in the parish, Knockroon N.S. and Kilcoona N.S. to come to this talk if they so wish. We hope that it will be worthwhile as this is a growing worry with the advances in technology. The topics covered will be: Making your mobile safe; Putting restrictions on Android and Apple Devices; Browser History; Blocking Advertisements on Browsers; Using Gmail; Facebook Privacy; Email Scams; Safe Searching on You Tube and Useful Resources. THIS TALK IS FOR ADULTS ONLY AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.